We don't claim to be normal.
We don't want to be normal.
Normal has been overdone and it's boring.

Your Situation.

Simply put, you're most likely on this site because you believe your business, your brand and its marketing efforts can be improved.

You're good at what you do. You can multi-task with the best of them. You're driven and you see opportunities where others see only clouds, but now you've probably found yourself in one of these three scenarios:

1. You’ve been doing your own marketing, on top of all your other responsibilities, and you’re now realizing that to keep both your sanity and your company it’s time for you to focus on your strengths and use an outside expert to help improve your marketing and increase your results.

2. You’ve been using an outside marketing and advertising firm and you aren’t fully satisfied or it’s just time for something new.

3. You have people on staff that handle all your marketing efforts but your company has outgrown their abilities. You need someone that can see beyond the tactics and help create and implement bigger strategies; an expert that’s been there before and can help guide your company to new heights.

Two Headed Marketing

Two Headed Marketing has one goal: To help your business grow. And we do it by creating the right message and delivering it to the right audience in the right place at the right time.

Easily said, not quite so easy to accomplish. And it’s not something the less experienced should even attempt. It’s kind of like trying to brush your teeth while on one crutch a day after foot surgery and attempting to hop from one spot to another in the bathroom. Not everyone can do this. I can. I’ve done it.


Who and What...and Why?

But wait, that's not all...Areas of Experience:

  • Behavioral Change & Public Service Campaigns
  • Grocery
  • Restaurants (Formal and QSR)
  • Resorts / Lodging and Travel Destinations
  • Automotive
  • Home Developers
  • Home and Yard
  • Bathroom Product Manufacturer
  • Shipping Centers
  • Fitness Equipment Manufacturer
  • Healthcare
  • Law Firms
  • CPA Associations
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Retail Food Manufacturers / Products
  • Event Companies
  • Audio Visual Retail
  • Industrial
  • Financial - Banks, Credit Unions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Entertainment


What we've been up to...